DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced 4.41 Full Version

DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced 4.41 Full Version

This is a great virtual CD / DVD-ROM emulator with the ability to emulate protected disks. The Pro version supports a variety of formats. In addition to ISO, B5T, B6T, BWT, CCD, CDI, CUE, MDS, NRG, PDI, and ISZ supported by about 32 types of images. With DAEMON Tools Pro you can create virtual CD / DVD drives and play CDs without the need for physical presence, thanks to CD / DVD images. The program works with all types of CD / DVD-ROM drives (IDE / SCSI) and any type of disk data. Daemon Tools Pro - the best choice for drives, emulation and create images for both advanced users and beginners.

The program works through the system tray menu with which you have access to all commands. You can select the number of added virtual drives, mount images for each of them. To identify each drive, you can choose any letter English alphabet, which is available. Also, for each virtual device can be set to your region code. It should be noted that the connection and disconnection of virtual drives occurs almost instantaneously and without having to reboot.


- Emulation of 16 DT and 16 SCSI drives
- Use up to 4 virtual IDE drives for enhanced emulation
- Mounting an image on the physical IDE / SATA drives with advanced functionality, the binding
- Mounting an image in the local NTFS folders
- Get detailed information about the parameters of the physical and virtual drives
- Set up virtual drives: the drive letter change, DVD region, etc.
- Mount  mdx, mds / mdf,  iso,  b5t, b6t, bwt, ccd, cdi, bin / cue, ape / cue, nrg, pdi, isz images on virtual drives
- Create or modify images using the Image Editor
- Record created images to disc
- Converting images from all supported formats to mdf / mds, mdx
- Creating your own images of a certain type (CD / DVD) with a choice of file system (ISO9660, ISO9660 + Joliet, UDF)
- Mastering boot disk or image
- Control Catalog
- Creating a. Iso, mds / mdf and mdx images for CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc
- Protecting images password
- Compress the image or partition into multiple files

- Rare hangs explorer.exe (shell extension included DAEMON Tools);
- Errors interface in some languages ??(writing from right to left Arabic, Hebrew, etc.);
- Slow performance when working with images stored in the network, through the catalog of images;
- Failed to create images of some CD drives.

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